Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Upcoming giveaway

I've been wanting to hold a giveaway for a while, but I've been waiting to get a few more followers.  I've decided to hold my first giveaway when I get to 25 followers (not a lot, but a nice goal). 

I figured I would give the winner a choice between 2 prizes.  So, if you win, you can get either this one (in your choice of color)
Or this one (also in your choice of color)
Remember, only 15 more followers until the giveaway starts! 


  1. Oh, lovely - and a cool idea.

    Have you done giveaways before? What do you feel the pros and cons to be? It's something that's been on my mind...

  2. I've held a giveaway through someone else before, but not hosted it. It got me a lot of views on my shop and some new fb followers, but I'm not sure it helped sales. I think I'm going to try one here and do a jellykoe one through facebook and see which works better, or if they work at all.
    I also think giveaways are good karma.

  3. Great idea! We've been trying to think of ideas for getting more followers as well!