Friday, January 28, 2011

Feature Friday #1- ArtsyButterfly

For a while I've been wanting to feature other designers on here, and have decided to start doing an interview once a week.  My first interview was with the lovely ArtsyButterfly on Etsy.  


1. Who are you and what do you do?

First off, I am a little bit of a cornball. Case in point--at first glance of this question the first thing that came to mind was Kindergarden Cop and the voice of Arnold asking "Who is your daddy and what does he do?". But, in all serious with that little tangent aside, I am your average 26 year old woman trying to find her place in this "real-life" world. By day, I'm the lab monkey for a cell and molecular bio lab, but by night I'm a wife, a mom to two furbabies, and a craftoholic. I love to spend my free time goofing around with my husband, playing with our pups, crafting and volunteering for local organizations.

2. How long have you been doing your craft?

I began my trials with handcrafted-florals while I was planning my wedding from June 2009-September 2010. But, I've been crafting for many years now. I've always had a love for all medias of art and have enjoyed everything from knitting, to sculpting, as well as photography.

3. How and why did you start designing?

It all began with a flash of inspiration after seeing the trend in fabric hair flowers; I couldn't help but think that a mix of them would make a beautiful bouquet. With my wedding on the horizon and as a lifetime DIYer it was a given that I would be creating as many things possible for my own wedding. Once all was said and done and the wedding came to pass I learned that many other brides loved my creations (through my wedding recap posts as a blogger on Weddingbee) and decided to listen to their suggestions and get back into Etsy.

4. What inspires you to create?

Ummm, well....I wouldn't be lying if I told you that nearly everything inspires me.

I have always had an eye for looking at things with a different scope. I love going to thrift stores and yard sales and finding items that look like junk or trash to one person ( husband) and then buying them and turning them into something new. I'm also very much inspired by the brides I work with. I love taking their ideas and adding my own twist to them to create something that we both can awe over.

5. I notice you use a lot of vintage doilies and lace in your work. Do you think this is becoming a “trend”? Why did you decide to do it?

I do believe there has been a trend in bringing life to old items and that is what I love about using vintage lace and doilies. I appreciate that something beautiful and modern doesn't have to be pre-fabricated and straight out of the box. But, I am slightly biased, I have always had an adoration for all things lace and for items from years past. I think a lot of it goes back to childhood recollections of growing up in an old Victorian style house that was adorned and furnished with antiques. I was always fascinated by all the delicate details and intricate work that went into each piece.

6. Why did you decide to delve into the wedding business?

Planning and creating for my own wedding was the biggest pusher. In the process of it all I learned a lot about my abilities and what I actually enjoyed doing. I also loved the idea of being able to contribute to a bride's wedding day vision and am rewarded by the fact that my product will hold a special place in their heart.

7. Do you have any new items you plan on adding to your shop?

I have so many new item ideas for my shop and truly wish I had a clone to keep up with my brain. I've just added the budget friendly mini-bouquet to my shop and plan on creating a few more that are ready made. I've also had plans to add large single flower bloom bouquets that are reminiscent of glamelias. Eventually, I will also plan on adding vintage-inspired garters featuring miniature versions of my flowers.

8. Which items are your favorite to make and why?

I get the most pleasure out of my custom orders and love when clients challenge me to create a new variety of flower. I love this because it keeps me on my toes and at the same time adds to my repertoire.

9. Do you have a facebook, twitter, or blog?

I am proud to say, that yes, I finally have all three. I finally caved with twitter and am slowly learning the ins and outs of it.




10. Do you sell anywhere besides Etsy?

No, currently Etsy is my only true venue. I've had discussions with a bridal salon owner in Georgia, but have yet to finalize the details.

Check out more of ArtsyButterfly's beautiful work on Etsy:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Upcoming giveaway

I've been wanting to hold a giveaway for a while, but I've been waiting to get a few more followers.  I've decided to hold my first giveaway when I get to 25 followers (not a lot, but a nice goal). 

I figured I would give the winner a choice between 2 prizes.  So, if you win, you can get either this one (in your choice of color)
Or this one (also in your choice of color)
Remember, only 15 more followers until the giveaway starts! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

A new frontier

So I got this bright idea about 2 weeks ago, during my scramble to have enough diversity for the bridal show, to make crystal and pearl hair combs in addition to the flower ones I was already making.  Well, after failing hard at wire wrapping and looking around at a lot of different bridal combs, I decided that I could use antique and vintage brooches and attach them to hair combs.  (btw, no I definitely did not manage to have them in time for the bridal show).

I already incorporate vintage linens and antique lace into some of my pieces, so why not incorporate some more authentic vintage and antique pieces?  When I went out in search of some, I was greeted with a vast array.  Walk into any antique store and you know what I mean. They're on top of every counter, in every dish, and in tons of glass displays.  I originally was looking only for clear rhinestone and pearl brooches, but my husband was the one who said "your shop isn't just bridal...why don't you do everyday ones too?"  And thus-- here we are.  I like them a lot and think they look very nice.  The only downside is that there's more of an investment involved.  Nice antique brooches, unless you're very lucky, don't come all that cheap.  So I just started with a handful and we'll see how it goes.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fabric flower tutorial part 1

Finally I got around to doing this.  Well, actually got around to taking all the pictures for it, which was the hard part.  So let's jump right in.  This is the tutorial for my tattered flowers; the lace flowers will be part two.

You will need:
*varying sized circles
*chalk or other tracing pen
*fabric- I use lace, organza, and satin
*lighter or candle
*needle and thread
*bead or button for the center

Step 1
Trace 1 of each of your circles on the satin and organza.  For the lace, I usually cut 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large piece.  Cut out all the circles.

Step 2
Cut "petals" into your organza and satin circles.  I usually make 5 petals, but sometimes I vary the petals from 4-6.  Don't cut the lace circles.

Step 3
Lightly singe the edges of all your petals.  This will make them curl up and look more like flowers.  A lot of people use a tea light, which works fine for bigger pieces, but I find that I can get more control with a kitchen lighter.  Be especially careful with the organza, it shrivels very quickly.  Do the same around the edge of the lace, giving it a tattered look.
You'll probably ruin a piece or two on your first try, I know I did.  

Step 4
Start stacking up your pieces, alternating fabrics.  I start with lace on the bottom, but otherwise have no set pattern.  It's just whatever looks best. 

Step 5
Once you have it stacked, sew through the center and sew on your bead or button. 

That's it!  Now you can attach it to whatever you want!  Tip:  if using it on a hair clip, cut out a small circle of matching felt and hot glue it to the bottom.  This will give it a more solid backing. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's a new year!

I'm so ready for this year.  I'm amped up, totally psyched.  Because I know it's going to rock.  I'm going to do everything I set my mind to and then some.  I'm going to get my name out there and be swarmed with orders.

Ok, that was my motivational speech to myself.  I know we all have to have those little moments to keep us going.  New Years resolutions are good for that.  Gives us all the opportunity to set goals for ourselves.  I know I'm a few days late posting these, but here's what I want to accomplish for YesterEra in 2011:

*Wider selection of clothing covering a range of decades from 1920s-1970s

*Keep up with this blog/website and get a decent # of followers

*Get a sale per day on Etsy

*Get involved in a runway show (I already plan to do Runaway Runway this year)

*Put some of my clothing pieces on consignment

*Create more veils with headpieces

I think that's all I can think of for now.  I hope I accomplish all of those and have to come up with more goals!