Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fabric flower tutorial part 1

Finally I got around to doing this.  Well, actually got around to taking all the pictures for it, which was the hard part.  So let's jump right in.  This is the tutorial for my tattered flowers; the lace flowers will be part two.

You will need:
*varying sized circles
*chalk or other tracing pen
*fabric- I use lace, organza, and satin
*lighter or candle
*needle and thread
*bead or button for the center

Step 1
Trace 1 of each of your circles on the satin and organza.  For the lace, I usually cut 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large piece.  Cut out all the circles.

Step 2
Cut "petals" into your organza and satin circles.  I usually make 5 petals, but sometimes I vary the petals from 4-6.  Don't cut the lace circles.

Step 3
Lightly singe the edges of all your petals.  This will make them curl up and look more like flowers.  A lot of people use a tea light, which works fine for bigger pieces, but I find that I can get more control with a kitchen lighter.  Be especially careful with the organza, it shrivels very quickly.  Do the same around the edge of the lace, giving it a tattered look.
You'll probably ruin a piece or two on your first try, I know I did.  

Step 4
Start stacking up your pieces, alternating fabrics.  I start with lace on the bottom, but otherwise have no set pattern.  It's just whatever looks best. 

Step 5
Once you have it stacked, sew through the center and sew on your bead or button. 

That's it!  Now you can attach it to whatever you want!  Tip:  if using it on a hair clip, cut out a small circle of matching felt and hot glue it to the bottom.  This will give it a more solid backing. 


  1. Great tutorial! I have to get started on editing some of my old ones and adding in new ones. I've been reluctant though because someone told me it could hurt sales to give away all my tips. I doubt that's true, but wonder what your experiences are? I've already had tutorials put up on WeddingBee and know that they have helped some readers.

  2. I don't think it will hurt sales, everyone puts their own spin on things. I looked through a ton of fabric flower tutorials and tried a lot of different styles before coming up with my own, but I would still buy someone else's flowers if I liked their style. Plus, people use the flowers in different ways, so they might make this style, but put it in a bouquet or on a necklace or on a shirt or bag.