Thursday, December 23, 2010

New items

I've been wanting to do a flower tutorial, but I broke my husband's good camera and we had to order a new one.  So we had to wait about a week for it to come in, and now he's still figuring it all out.  Soooo the flower tutorial will most likely be after Christmas.  I'm also planning to break it into two parts, because there's two basic techniques I use on my flowers.  And I FINALLY found the best way to do the second technique (for me, anyway).

So my husband snapped  a few pictures of some of the pieces I'll be listing over the next week, and I decided to just talk about them.

This first one is a fascinator.  It has alligator clips on the other side to slide it into your hair.  This was the first time I did my flowers like this, and found out I like this style the best.  They look vintage, and that's what I'm aiming for.  The shape of the fascinator is my own design, I tried to go by the shape of the face.  You can also wear it on the other side and it looks just as good.  The feathers are hand dyed- also my first time attempting that.  The only problem I had with the dye is that the "purple" just looks like a dark pink.

So after I did the pink one, I wanted to do one in blue.  But I also had been wanting to do headbands for a while and seized the opportunity.  The headband version is a bit smaller so as not to be overwhelming, but still the same design and technique, leaving holes at the bottom and top to slide the headband through.  I like that it's a piece, and not just flowers with a felt backing (although I think that is pretty too.)  The headband blends into the hair so much it really just looks like a smaller fascinator.  And it's easier to put in.

The next one is the evolved version of this:

It has more detail and more layers, and I like it much better.  Like I said, I think I finally perfected my style of flowers, so I'm probably going to discontinue the old style (after I sell the ones I have left) and do the new style and the lace ones. 
Joe (the hubby) said I should just make all styles, but I don't want to constantly be making flowers, plus I like that now I have flowers with a distinct look, instead of the circle ones that I see everywhere. 

I've also made a new fur collar in chocolate brown, and I love it!  But no pics yet.  I hate that I've been making so many accessories and so little clothes lately, but I haven't been able to afford the fabric to make clothes that might not sell for months, and the accessories have a much better turnover rate.  However, I did manage to buy a few yards to make a new skirt, so look for that in the coming weeks.  I also should be getting a new sewing machine for Christmas, which should urge me to sew more!

I also made this steampunk inspired fascinator as a Christmas gift for my good friend Laura. (btw, she has a steampunk shop on Etsy, Ancient Albatross.  Go check it out!)

Next time, a flower tutorial for sure - now that you've seen all these flowers, you wanna know how they're made, right?


  1. Wow! Beautiful handmade flowers.

  2. I love love love my fascinator! Your custom flowers are just so pretty and a very original style. I really like them.

    Don't worry, we'll have another sewing day after Christmas so we can inspire each other to make lots of clothes! <3