Friday, December 3, 2010

First post!

Well, here it is, my brand new blog/website for YesterEra.  I've blogged before, and know I'm terrible about keeping up with it.  I decided to give it another go because sometimes I want to write a lot about a project, and I like sharing how I make things.  I'll occasionally delve into the business side of things, too.  I also want to feature other independent designers, and not just talk about myself all the time. 

I started up this venture in August of 2010, after being laid off from my job as a teacher.  It began as a sort of hybrid of costuming and everyday fashion.  I've been a cosplayer since 2004, but I've mostly lost interest in anime, so I turned my attention to other types of costumes, including historical.  I love fashions of the past, but so many aren't accessible, won't fit certain body types, or simply wouldn't fit into everyday wardrobe.  I wanted to create different fashions from the past, but not just to wear as costumes, and not as historically accurate replicas. 
HelenaTears on DeviantArt

I'm inspired by the imagination of the steampunk and neo-Victorian movements, but aim for something a bit more low-key and practical.  Some designs are created using vintage patterns that I collect, and some are my own design, often based on pictures of the time period.  Sadly, I have more time and imagination than I do money to continue buying fabric, so my collection of clothing pieces is not as prolific as I would like it to be.  I try to even it out by adding accessories and a bridal collection.

Next time:  Am I trying to do too much? 

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