Friday, February 11, 2011

Feature Friday #3- Julie Hanan Design

 Hi guys, it's time for another great Feature Friday.  This time, I'm featuring Julie Hanan with Julie Hanan Design.  She owns a custom invitation + graphic design studio and specializes in unique and fresh designs for special events,  as well as providing smart solutions for businesses. You can see her work at Julie Hanan Design on Etsy.

How long have you been doing your craft? 
I started my business in March, 2010; however, I have been doing graphic design work for the last 15 years. I previously worked as an interior designer, and received my BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign.

How would you describe your style?
My style is extremely contemporary and modern, and I try to create unique, cutting edge designs.

What inspires you to create?
I love to travel in my spare time, and I am really influenced by all the different cultures and color schemes.

Why did you decide to delve into the wedding business?
I created my first wedding invitation for a few friends who were getting married. Soon my name spread to a lot of local friends and since I had always wanted to own my own business, I decided I wanted to start my own design business.

Have you ever had a frustrating experience working with a client?
Yes, I have had a few frustrating experiences with some clients thus far. Even though some clients have been more difficult, each experience has been valuable to me as it's allowed me to grow as a professional.

Do you have any new items you plan on adding to your shop?
I currently have about 10-15 new items that I plan to add to my shop in the next few weeks. Currently, my newest items are pictured on my website,, or on my facebook fan page.

Which items are your favorite to make and why?
I really enjoy designing custom invitations as well as custom business cards. I feel that having a unique business card is really important for businesses to stand out from the crowd.

Do you have a facebook, twitter, or blog?
I have a facebook and a twitter. I am currently in the process of creating a blog, however it is not complete yet.

Do you sell anywhere besides Etsy?
I do sell outside of Etsy mostly. Many people contact me from my website or Facebook. I also plan to attend some bridal shows and sell in some local stores in the future.

Make sure you visit her shop,, and go over and "like" her on Facebook!

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